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Is there a problem in your community that you feel helpless to solve? You can make a difference by running for public office! My name is Lynn, and I am an average neighborhood mom. I didn't think that I could run for a position of leadership in the community, but it turns out that regular citizens often make the best community leaders. My blog will teach you step by step how to run for a position in your local government. I will also discuss the benefits of being a leader in a community and how you can make a positive contribution to your neighborhood.

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Tips For Protecting A Private Drinking Well

If you are a homeowner who uses a well for your drinking water, you likely want to make absolutely sure that the water is safe to drink. If the water is not safe to drink, it could do permanent damage to smaller children and cause illness in adults. Here are some tips for protecting a private drinking well so that the water remains clean.

1. Test Your Well Water Each Year

Be sure that you have an EPA certified testing service come down and test your well's water for high levels of nitrate. If you do find that your water has high-level of nitrate, you will need to treat the water immediately because this could indicate that pharmaceutical waste has made it to your well water. You also might want to test for pesticides and other chemicals that are commonly found as contaminants in well water. If the testing company finds any of these levels to be higher than is safe, they will have steps that you can take and professionals that you can call to remedy the situation.

2. Install a Filter

The last thing that you want is for a testing company to find that the levels of nitrate or other contaminants in your well water is high. You will be left worrying about how long they have been high and whether or not the members of your family are going to get sick. To allow you some more peace of mind, install a heavy-duty filter that will remove all contaminants before they reach the taps of your house. You will still need to resolve the problem of there being contaminants in the water, but it will allow you to keep your family safe. If you have had high levels of contaminants before you installed the filter, be sure that you run all of the taps in the house with the filtered water for several minutes to rinse all of the water that has been contaminated out of the system.

3. Protect the Area Around Your Well

Finally, be sure that you are protecting the area that is around your well by installing a fence for as far as your property goes around it. Police it regularly to make sure that nothing is being dumped there that could contaminate your water.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in well resources. They will be able to help you find a suitable testing company. Click here to learn more.