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Is there a problem in your community that you feel helpless to solve? You can make a difference by running for public office! My name is Lynn, and I am an average neighborhood mom. I didn't think that I could run for a position of leadership in the community, but it turns out that regular citizens often make the best community leaders. My blog will teach you step by step how to run for a position in your local government. I will also discuss the benefits of being a leader in a community and how you can make a positive contribution to your neighborhood.

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Local News: Giving Back To The Community

Local news provides viewers with news pertaining to their immediate area. This method of media is also an excellent way to promote local businesses and get viewers excited and interested in what their neighborhood can provide to them without having to resort to a national chain that may detract from the local economy. Here are a few helpful topics to report on that will get viewers informed on what their local community can offer them. 


While national championships in sports are always a fun experience to watch on television, nothing quite beats the thrill of a live, local game. Including information regarding upcoming games on both high school and college levels is a great way to bring in a larger audience to view local sports and get fans excited about their teams. Interviewing coaches and players is a reliable way for viewers to get a stronger understanding of how their favorite teams operate and what they can look forward to in the near future. Another great way of reporting on sports is to dedicate a segment on the news channel that provides a recap of memorable plays and up-to-date scores. Reporting on where to buy fan gear as well as the locations and times of upcoming games will get viewers excited for the opportunity to support their local teams. 


Big-budget movies and concerts are definitely events that are fun for people of all ages to experience. However, it is important to also put the spotlight on smaller, local forms of entertainment that give back to the community and foster a love for the performing arts. Theatrical presentations, for instance, would be a great opportunity to feature upcoming plays, dance recitals, or musical theater performances that showcase local companies devoted to the arts. This can become a source of inspiration for local viewers who are looking to get their foot in the door and learn more about acting classes, music lessons, or dance classes that are offered in their local area. Including information regarding prerequisites for prospective students, cost of attendance, and where to find more information is recommended as this will give viewers the guidance they need to learn more. 


One of the greatest benefits of a local news channel is giving the audience exposure to businesses that are local to them. Regularly showcasing retail establishments or restaurants is an excellent way for viewers to learn about places they did not know about before. This also boosts the local economy as more customers are encouraged to become patrons of local businesses. For brick-and-mortar businesses, a segment on a local news channel is an excellent way to get the name of the company out there and invite others to visit their location. A segment that showcases the best breakfast spots in one's neighborhood, for example, would be a great way for customers to find their next favorite dining spot. When putting a local business in the spotlight, including the opening and closing hours, directions, and parking instructions will make the process easier for viewers to find and plan for.